martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

Going Shopping

4. With a parner, make dialogues for the situations below. use as many expressions form Exercise 2 as possible. Use the pictures to help you

Situation 1.

A. Hi! Can i help you?
B. Yes, please. How much are these rugs?
A. They're $7.00
B. Ok. I'll take one

Situation 2.

A. Hi! Can i help you?
B. Yes, please. I'd like something for my birthday
A. How about this picture?
B. How much is it?
A. It's $25.00
B. Ok. I'll take it
A. Bye!
B. Bye!

3. Write an e-mail to Top Teen. Request information about an item in their catalogue

To: Top Teen
From: Valentin Lahora

My name is Valentin Lahora. I'm writing about the warm sweaters.
Have you got sweater #270 size 11/12?

Thank you!

Valentin Lahora

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016


Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is an English actor best known for his role as Harry Potter in the film series of the same name. He was born on 23rd July 1989. He is English but he living in New York. He is an excellent actor. Now he is an actor an he writes books.

what does Daniel look like? He is very good looking. He is tall and thin. He's got dark brown hair and his eyes are blue.

What is he like? Daniel's personality is also special. He is very clever and he is hard-working in the Harry Potter films. He loves acting.